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Don Blackmore Memorial Award

Don was active in the world of Community Theatre in Wellington from his days as a school-boy in the 1970s.  His strength was always backstage in the world of audio/visual and he enhanced countless productions over a large number of years.  He was tragically taken from us in 2020 and, with the approval of his family, the Don Blackmore Memorial Award for Backstage Technical Achievement has been endowed.

Thanks are due to Sam Perry who designed and created the trophy:  a fully working stage light mounted on a splendid wooden plinth.  The name of each year's winner will be added to the trophy.

The Award Criteria are set out below; also below is a link to the nomination form.



    -   For theatre practitioners involved with audio and/or visual work including but not limited to operating and/or designing.

    -   The award is for work done for any Wellington District Theatre Federation (WDTF) member society and is not limited to work on specific productions.  It could be, for example, for work done to maintain and/or enhance the technical rig over a twelve-month period.

    -   The award is for work done during the year commencing 1st January in which the award is to be made; it is neither a life-time achievement award nor for work done in prior years.

    -   This is an annual award.

    -   Any Wellington District Member society can make a nomination using the form available on the Wellington District website no later than 1st November.  The form should make clear, with relevant examples, the work done by the nominee which might qualify them for the award.

    -   Ideally societies should not inform people that they are being nominated.

    -   If unsuccessful nominees can be nominated for different relevant work undertaken in a subsequent year.  Equally a successful nominee can be nominated again in the immediately following year for any relevant activity.

    -   The winner will be announced at the Antoinettes' Evening and will be presented with a certificate and trophy.  The trophy will be engraved with the winner's name and is held for the following twelve months but must be returned to the WDTF in good time to be presented at the following Antoinettes' Evening.

    Please send completed form to the WDTF President: