2022 Festivals 


WDTF's Full Length Play Festival

February- November 2022

Our annual full length play festival runs from February until November every year. An adjudicator travels to the society's venue to view and adjudicate a performance during the production's normal season. The competition culminates in the Antoinettes Awards, held this year on Sunday 4th December.

The entry form can be downloaded below.

Adjudicator: Shannon Tubman

Festival Manager: David Cox

contact:  festivals@wdtf.org.nz


$140 per entry, members

$190 per entry, non-members 



August - September 2021



$80 per entry


WDTF's 24 Hour Play Challenge

11th - 12th February 2022

The 24-Hour Play Challenge requires teams of between four and six people to create and rehearse a theatrical piece inside 24 hours and then perform it. Any style, any genre but it must be between four and ten minutes long and an original creation. There will be compulsory elements revealed at the start of the 24 hour period.

For further information contact festivals@wdtf.org.nz

Rules and an entry form can be downloaded below.


$30 per team

$10 for non-participating audience